Our amazing CEO’s story continues

Kezia, our amazing CEO and Chief Innovation Officer lost her daughter Saoirse to Neuorblastoma a few years ago. Saoirse and Kezia both battled different cancers at the same time. A couple of years after Saoirse lost her battle, Kezia has battled Relapsed Hodgkins Lymphoma for almost two years now and her disease is starting to progress. Her last scans were bad news and devastating for her and her family. They showed progression of her disease and it is now causing her physical problems. She is a very strong and amazing person and we invite you to read her latest post on her personal blog, give her a follow, some help if you can and share with your friends.

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The CareAline Team






Dallas Maverick’s & CareAline founder & CEO Deliver New Pediatric CareAline Sleeves and Wraps Medical City Children’s Hospital in Dallas

Please watch and share this Fox Sports Southwest interview with CareAline CEO and Chief Innovation Officer Kezia. Thank you Mark Cuban , Medical City Children’s Hospital Dallas Mavericks Zaza Pachulia and SXSW #‎ImpactPediatricHealth #‎Share #‎Forbes #‎cnnhealth #‎cnnsports


Cancer Mom, Cancer Patient & CareAlines’s CEO turns to crowd funding to keep business going

CareAline is GROWING FAST and in desperate need of inventory NOW!

We have hospitals that are ordering product and we have SOLD OUT of our pediatric sizes. We cannot fulfill these orders, and the kids are left missing out on a product that helps them live safer and more comfortably with their PICC or Central Line. A product they need TODAY.

So far, traditional financing has not come through for us. Please help us keep CareAline going so that we don’t have to close down, and so that the kids don’t miss out on the comfort, safety and protection that CareAline provides.

Please share our story, our products and our Indiegogo campaign with your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even that stranger at the coffee shop. We have some creative (and tasty!) perks available for you to choose from when you donate. Every dollar helps, and every person who hears our story is one more person who can help these kids!

Thank you so much for your continued support.

You can visit our campaign on the following link: We have some great perks!


Kezia & Mike & Lochlan Fitzgerald

Saoirse’s Family

Fair is a Four Letter Word

If there is one thing that cancer can teach us, it’s that life is never fair. Fairness is rather a commodity that seems to only be true when playing board games. Fairness for sure plays no roll in entrepreneurship or starting a business, and pays absolutely no part in start up financing.

No matter what you are working on, it will always cost more than you think to finish the job. When we decided to start CareAline as a business, we had no idea about how to bring a medical product to market. Our naïveté had its pros and cons – we decided to actually do it (pro), it was going to take waaaayyyy longer than we expected to get out there (con).

We jumped in with two feet when we launched in 2012. We had been to one conference, we had people swarming us – telling us that they needed these desperately – and we were sure that we would start to sign hospital wide contracts within months. We had something everyone needed, and we just assumed that they would buy it.

Then reality set it very quickly. The world of hospitals doesn’t quite work that way. We realized that it was going to take a lot longer to get through to these hospital purchasing departments than we thought. There were hurdles and obstacles of all sorts standing in our way, but we knew that we had to push past them.

One thing that we now know we were pretty clueless on, was how much money it was going to take. We had made projections, and thought through the numbers as best we could, but we really had no clue as to what the sales process was going to look like. Needless to say, we pretty grossly underestimated how much capital we needed to get the company up, running, and stable.

The past year we have been running things without any incoming capital – running solely off the revenue of selling product. For the most part, we’ve been keeping up – albeit just barely – and have been able to keep things running. Then, this summer, things started to shift. We started to get more hospitals wanting to do trials, and we had two major hospital wide contracts start ordering product; with 3 others lining up. Bulk orders were becoming frequent, and we didn’t have enough inventory to keep up. We placed a production order and sold it before it even came off the line. Now, faced with the outstanding hospital invoices (they have 30 days to pay post shipment – and it’s hospitals, so 30 may mean 60), and no incoming capital, we were left with nearly empty shelves, and not enough funds to place another bulk order.

We started to search for a small line of credit with a bank. Banks want three years of PROFITS in order to loan the money (so much for small business support from the local and federal government; by the way, we are fully made in the USA (Fall River, MA at Precision Sportswear, Inc to be precise, still no help), and with only months of profits under our belts, they weren’t going to offer us anything. We looked at a local growth capital company, and while they offered us a small loan, the terms weren’t anything that would work with our company. Frustrated and flustered, we faced the facts – we were going to have to think outside the box when it came to financing.

While we are working to do all that thinking, and trying to use our creative minds to whip up some capital, we have had some of the most stressful weeks trying to get by. Some days it feels like no matter how hard we work, no matter how much good our work does, and no matter how much we grow; we can’t catch a break. While I’m sure this is a plight of almost all start up companies, it doesn’t make our current situation any less stressful or frustrating.

One of the worst moments was when I was standing in the grocery section of Walmart, in the middle of a small town outside Dallas, looking at ingredients for dinner. I was trying to decide if we could afford to buy the bag of onions for $1.95 or if I needed to buy just a single onion for $0.98. That single dollar felt like a hundred that day. And because it was for food to feed our family, it felt like I was failing to support my family.

Our financial struggles are not over yet, and we are working hard to get through the growth phase of our business. But we are pushing forward and working hard to think about how we can keep CareAline growing and thriving no matter the struggles we face. And while business may not be fair, when you are passionate about what you are doing, and know you are helping real people with real problems, nothing can keep you from pushing through.

Let the Travel Begin

Let the Travel Begin

For the third time this year, we have headed out on a month long journey to share CareAline with the world (well, at least the United States). It seems like we have spent more time on the road than at home at this point, but we have gotten to see so much of the country, that it’s definitely worth it.

This trip is different than all the rest we have been on – this time we are taking America by camper! Yup, we have tried to do it twice before, and both times were unsuccessful. But this time, we did it. We got a little hybrid camper that we are towing behind our 4Runner. We bought it from a lovely family, and the cost of the camper is equal to what we would have spent just on hotels for this 5 week trip. So it will pay for itself by the time we get home, and we will be heading out again in January so it can start make up for lost expenses then.

When I think of how much money we have spent on travel over the past 3 years, I am so overwhelmed. At this point, travel is our biggest business expense. And when you are looking at bank accounts with tiny balances, and piles of personal bills that haven’t been paid, you come to the very quick determination that something has to give, or the walls are coming down. I only wish we had done this sooner. It could have saved us so much more.

Day 1

As with all camping trips, the set out day didn’t go off quite as planned. With a goal of heading out at 9am, we didn’t end up getting on the road until 1pm. Luckily we weren’t in a huge rush, and gave ourselves plenty of days to get down to Dallas, TX for the AVA 2016 Conference. One thing that was packed for the drive were the 1000 Dallas Mavericks logo emblazoned CareAline Sleeves and Wraps to be delivered to the Mav’s marketing team. (1000 pieces takes up a lot of space!)

We drove until a little after “bedtime,” and spent the first night at a Flying J truck stop. Quite a learning experience – 1) trucks are loud, 2) truckers start their day at 4:30am, 3) when you have to pee in the middle of the night and your two year old is sleeping on the floor in front of the bathroom, you use his potty instead of waking him up.

Day 2

A long driving day, we set out at about 8am. Two year olds only withstand being in the car for so long, so it was a bit of a rough day for Lochlan. Nothing too amazing happens when you are trying to get from point a to point b, so not much to say about day two. We stopped at a truck stop overnight just into Tennessee.

Day 3

After crazy toddler day two, we decided to keep day three short. We found a KOA between Nashville and Memphis and stopped at about 3pm. Lochlan loved the little playgound there, and Fallon (oh yah – the dog came too) appreciated the dog run. It was nice to be out of the car for longer than just sleeping, and to be able to walk around, and plug things into the camper (and run the AC!) overnight. I love KOAs because they are family owned (the owners even froze my big cooler water bottles overnight for me J ). And at $34 a night, they for sure are budget friendly!

Day 4

We didn’t rush out super early (which we probably should have lit a little fire under us). We left at about 10 and wanted to get as close to Texarkana as we could. Well, what should have taken about 8 -9 hours of us driving (we add an hour to google’s drive time for every 3 hours they say), ended up taking about 12. For some reason it just took forever to get there. It seemed like every time we made headway, we had to stop, or there was construction, or traffic. It was never ending. Tensions were high. During the drive we had called the campground that was right next to the convention center (totally should have done this ages ago…but such is life), and found out they have been flooded out all season and weren’t open. Then it was a scramble to find somewhere that had a spot to take us for five nights. We did finally find a place, but it was nerve wracking. Stopped at a truck stop for the night. No place to plug in, so no AC. It was hot! Not much sleep happened that night.

Day 5

Luckily we didn’t have far to go from just outside Texarkana to Dallas. We pulled into the RV “resort” (read cram them as tight as you can place) at about 10 am. We were able to get pretty set up and then headed out to our meeting with the Mavericks downtown.

The camping adventure has begun.


Camper_Car_Restarea CareAline_RoadTrip_Traffic_FntView CareAline_RoadTrip_Traffic Lochlan_Running_RestArea

CareAline Products partners with One Mission to provide much needed Central Line and PICC Line care

CareAline is happy to announce an amazing partnership with One Mission; Buzz off for Kids Cancer. They have donated some much needed CareAline Central Line Wraps & PICC Line Sleeves to patients at Boston Children’s Hospital Oncology. Since Mark Cuban purchased 1000 CareAline products for the Dallas area pediatric hospitals (read more here http://www.xconomy.com/texas/2015/03/23/pediatric-pitch-day-highlights-kids-health-innovation-at-sxsw), we have been contacted by a few other organizations wishing to help. We feel that this partnership is a great bond of three entities that want to help people and make lives easier. This is an important element, and the program will thrive because of it.

The process is easy. CareAline_One_Mission_Flyer_Social

For patients at Boston Children’s, there are vouchers available in the One Mission Resource room on 6N. Just go in and ask for a CareAline voucher for a Free product given by One Mission.

After you get your coupon, Visit carealine.com/sizing to find your size, pick your favorite color and place your order.

Upon checkout/Order Confirmation you will see a spot to enter the Coupon Code, enter it and click “Apply”

The code on the coupon you will receive is good for 1 product and free shipping.

This is proving to be a great program to get our products immediately into the hands of the kids who need them. Patient care and satisfaction is a hot topic right now in the medial world and we are right in the middle of it. Our goal is to not only improve the quality of care for all patients with lines, but to help improve the way the medial system incorporates products and services that can provide care “now”, not in 10 years. I am going to start blogging about our process and how even after awards are won, keynotes are finished, executives shaking our hands we still hit roadblocks. It should prove to provide some great information and data and a fun ride. We are looking forward to share how we have grown and become the #1 choice for PICC Line Care and Central Line Care in Hospitals and at home.

For more information or if your organization wants to sponsor CareAline products and provide CareAline® Sleeves and Wraps to patients for pediatric or adult facilities in your area, please contact Kezia today

Email:  Kezia@CareAline.com 

Phone:  617-548-7419


CareAline meets Boston Children’s Hospitals President and CEO

Kezia, mom innovator and Chief Innovation Director from CareALine Products, LLC​ was at the Boston Children’s Hospital Innovation Showcase last week and had the opportunity to speak with hospital President and COO, Sandra Fenwick, about CareAline. She loved them! We are so glad to be able to share CareAline with hospital influencers and let them know how we can help them improve the lives of their patients. If you have been searching for a reliable central line protector and PICC line sleeve visit www.CareAline.com

Kezia, mom innovator and Chief Innovation Director speaks with Boston Children's hospital President and COO, Sandra Fenwick, about CareAline. She loved them! We are so glad to be able to share CareAline with hospital influencers and let them know how we can help them improve the lives of their patients.

Kezia, mom innovator and Chief Innovation Director speaks with Boston Children’s hospital President and COO, Sandra Fenwick, about CareAline. She loved them! We are so glad to be able to share CareAline with hospital influencers and let them know how we can help them improve the lives of their patients.